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Music Ministry

The objectives of the music ministry are:

  • To lead the church into the presence of God so that they will worship and give the glory due His name in the beauty of holiness. (Psalms 29:2)
  • To aid in preparing through music the hearts of both the believer and the unbeliever to receive the message of Jesus Christ. (Luke 1:7)
  • To evangelize via music ministry in nursing homes, prisons and any other place the message of Jesus Christ in needed.
  • To provide members of the church with musical gifts and talents an opportunity to exercise their skills for the sole purpose of magnifying God and edifying the church.
  • To reproduce ourselves in others so that we may grow musically, spiritually and quantitatively.
  • To provide music for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, revivals, and seminars etc.


  • Children’s Choir The Children’s Choir is made up of children ages 3-11.  
  • Youth Choir The Youth Choir is made up of youths age 12-24, unmarried with no children.
  • The S.C. Tolbert Inspirational Choir The Inspirational Choir is made up of youth & adults age 15 & older with focus on traditional & contemporary gospel, spirituals, anthems, and hymns.
  • Gospel Choir The Gospel choir is made up of adults 30 & older with focus on traditional gospel, hymns and spirituals. 
  • Male Chorus The Male Chorus is made up of men 18 & older with focus on traditional gospel, quartet styles, and spirituals. 
  • G.S.M.B.C. Mass Choir The Mass Choir is made of members of all choirs in the Music Ministry except the Children’s Choir. 

Media Ministry

The objective of the Media Ministry is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually driven, ever-changing world through the use of technology and media, and to equip other ministries of the church to use digital and electronic media as a worship and outreach tool.

Drama Ministry

To support the worship services and gatherings through dramatic interpretations and helping people identify visually with the theme of the service.

Greeter's Ministry

The Greeters are a team of dedicated and hospitable people committed to extending a courteous and friendly welcome to everyone as they enter the gates of the GSM Campus. Our greeters are on the front line to spread hospitality as
members and guest arrive by sharing a kind word, giving a compassionate smile or lend a helping hand to those in need.

Usher's Ministry

The purpose of the Church Ushers is to serve as doorkeepers in the House of the Lord. Ushers have various duties to perform which include greeting and seating worshippers, helping to make worshippers comfortable, assisting with offering, see at programs, envelopes, fans, and any other
things are to be distributed to congregation are in proper order and places.

Praise Dance

The purpose of this ministry is to magnify the name of the Lord through dance.

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